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Our Programs


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Our Curriculum

The Funshine Curriculum is used to assist our teachers in planning a classroom and outdoor environment. A wide variety of learning materials with curriculum goals in mind are provided so that no matter where the children choose to play, they are learning. The materials are all at the children’s level in containers or on in adjusted reach, so children can get at them independently and are able to put the materials away again. Mommie & Me will start running a STEM program along with going green starting September 2021.

The environment is organized into a variety of interest areas which might include: block, house, table toys, art, sand & water table, library, music/movement, cooking, computer, outdoors. These areas support children’s development. A daily schedule is planned. Each teacher arranges the day to best meet the needs of that group of children. A large part of the child’s day is spent in play. This is because preschool children learn best by exploring, experimenting and creatively using their imagination. Through play, children also learn to make choices, learn to share, practice language, express emotions
and develop muscles and coordination. Other parts of the day will include: tooth brushing, group time, music/movement time, story time, outdoor time, breakfast, lunch and snack/rest time where applicable.

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Kindergarten- 13 yrs (School Year)

Pre-K Counts-3 to 5 Years Old

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